Welcome to the Fukui Prefecture Miyama Soba Dojo

Soba-Making experience including enjoyable relished time about 90 minutes,
”one big bowl with 4 pax serving”and full authentic experience.

Soba-Making experience fee: 4 pax 1 bowl=3,360 yen3 pax 1 bowl=3,160 yen
2 pax 1 bowl=2,960 yen( tax included )

  Use millstone

Japanese Rice ball(1) =150 yen additional

Shrimp Tempura(1)=200 yen additional


As instructed by instructorMixed Buckwheat flour and water,kneading and
pounding until it turns into ball-shape dough,

Use the round wood bar/rolling bar
tends the dough from a circular to about a square to  thickness 2mm.


A big kitchen soba cutting knife used to cut to thin 2mm completing the experience


After completionPlease wait in the dining room
The boiled soba will be served at the dining room.While every soba is not perfect,
you get to taste your own soba to be proud of.